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Gates married Melinda French on a Hawaiian Island golf course on January 1st, 1994. He was 38 she was 29. They had three children and all of them lived in a huge mansion that was on a hill overlooking Lake Washington. The total of Gates property was $125 million with annual taxes of $991,000. His family is catholic and believe in repaying the world for being praised as lucky. Gates hobbies are bridge, golf and tennis. In 1991 Gates was already at $101 billion but even the he had wealth, during many of his business trips he flew in coach, until he bought a private jet.

Gates' House

Gates surprisingly did not like being the richest man in the world because he hated the attention. Since the list of billionaires was made, Gates was on the top of the list for 18 out of the 23 years it was made. Gates Microsoft earnings majorly decreased from the dot-com bubble, a decrease in companies profits that joined the Internet to sell their products. Gates was passed up then at the top, going back and forth with Carlos Slim until October 2017, Jeff Bezos, the amazon founder succeeded them both at a spiraling networth of currently $129.9 Billion.

Gates was still getting paid a salary of $966,667 while outside of Microsoft. He also founded a company Corbis an advertising company and became director of Berkshire Hathaway, a holding company. Gates has earned a lot of money and has been the top individual that pays the most taxes, his record, $6 billion taxes.