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After leaving his roles of Microsoft in 2006, Gates went to spend more of his time philanthropy.

During this time, Gates' net worth increased from US $15.8 Billion to US $78.5 Billion, making him the highest earned billionaire of 2013.

When Gates had left Microsoft, in 2006, he was still board chairman of the company. Gates changed his position in 2014 from board chairman to become the Technology Advisor and was beside his new CEO of the company
Satya Nadella.


Gates is now given more free time for other projects and his family. In the Rolling Stone magazine, Gates provided his interviewers what he thought about the future. Gates believed that the machines of his time are less of the average human being, but once the machines grow more into the future, the machine could take over the average human being. This statement seems to be true because software companies like Microsoft are creating more and more futuristic technology every single day. Companies are starting to put Artificial Intelligence (AI) into many different technologies to help robots grow. Gates feels this could be the downfall of the human race which is why he refered the interviewers to Nick Bostrom's Superintelligence: Paths, Dangers, Strategies.