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Jimmy Fallon Talk with Gates

Gates had been in a lot of interviews and shows, writing books and making quotes to the media and the public for his recognition.

Bill Gates books

Gates has written two books so far in his lifetime. The two books he wrote were The Road Ahead and Business @ the Speed of Thought .

Road Ahead

The Road Ahead was written by Bill Gates, Microsoft executive Nathan Myhrvold, and journalist Peter Rinearson. The book was about the revolution of personal computers and the future to come now that new technologies have developed.

2nd Book

Business @ the Speed of Thought was written by Bill Gates and Collins Hemingway.


One of the main popular documentaries on Gates was Triumph of the Nerds, a British/American television documentary to go through the time line of developed personal computers, from World War II to 1995. The documentary has many interviews with "nerds" of the time, such as Gates.