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Bill Gates was a successful man, he even became the richest man in the world, but everyone has flaws and that is where his tragedies come in.

Failure #1

Before the famous company well known of Microsoft, Gates and Allen made a company for the Traf-O-Data. They had the product, but the only problem was they had no customers. The team did not do research on marketing and advertisement that they couldn't get out to anyone and had to shut down.

Failure #2

Another failure of Gates was that he he failed to get his company and himself involved with the government. Gates told the government to leave Microsoft alone to their own business production. This fueled anger in the competitors and the government causing the government to have a war with Microsoft and Gates. This event was called "United States v. MicrosoftCorp. 2001." The result led to a catastrophic payment from Microsoft from their losses.

Common Core

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation worked to help those in need, but also supported the Common Core Curriculum. Being philantropists, they got bad recognition from the media, told that these philantropists are not education experts and should not have a say in the nation's education system. They wanted to benefit the educators, make classrooms smaller, but they didn't have the answers that would help grow good recognition.