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Triumph Over Tragedy

Bill's Timeline

Gates started off like any other kid, he was argumentative with his parents and his teachers/peers. He had regular classes, with only the scheduled plan to strive for a law major due to the influence of his parents. Gates was given the opportunity from the Mother's club to learn how to code. The opportunity was taken and changed his life's plan forever. Gates learned BASIC, he coded the schools computer, their class schedules and went to make the first product of a new company for the Traf O Data. Even though the Traf O Data didn't work as well as Gates thought, he triumphed over the failure to make the new successful company still very popular in today's modern society, Microsoft.

Window's Timeline

The failure of the Traf O Data improved in triumph of creating the Altair BASIC from MITS helped Gates and Allen get support to really sell the product to consumers and gain their interests. Gates was able to learn from the mistake of the older company to make better production sales. This helped more and more products such as MS-DOS, leading to Windows 95, upgrading ever since all the way to Windows 10, the present. The company is still booming in products making new advancements in technology every single day. Without Gates, the company would have never been possible. His triumphs of Microsoft led him to passing up rich people on forbes and becoming the richest man in the world. He was the richest man in the world until Jeff Bezos the Amazon Founder passed him, BUT the reason for that was because Gates has successfuly made a purpose to donate his money to the poor, the sick, and the countries around the world that need supplies for survival.