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Gates pushed through life having many tragedies, but more triumphs.


Even though the Traf-O-Data was a failure, it played a major role in creating Microsoft. The Traf-O-Data's business failed in selling to valued customers, because the team of Gates and Allen did not do their research to successfully sell to the public. They had to shut down shop, but the experience of failure gave them a chance to think back of what they did wrong to do right in successfully producing and selling Microsoft; the name and the products.

Computer Era

Another triumph is his contribution to the computer era. Gates learned BASIC at Lakeside School. He got many benefits at his school for coding such as skipping classes and being able to code the class schedule. BASIC became the most popular coding source to learn from. The code had the functionality to be modified so people that wanted to go beyond the limits could make more advanced code for the public to achieve more advanced technologies. BASIC was made in 1963, but it wasn't widely known until Gates and Allen made the Altair 8800 available to run on BASIC code, giving people a finished product and an interest about BASIC code. The code from Gates an Allen sold for $3,000. BASIC, with the help of Gates and Allen was the spark for the computer boom or the computers advance in technology era.


The next achievement is the influence of the operating system. IBM approached Microsoft, Gates' newly founded company, asking them to make an operating system for IBM. Microsoft was able to successfully buy the 86-DOS, tranforming it into the PC-DOS to go into IBM's PC. Microsoft found out that the system they made for IBM was getting copied and leaked, so Microsoft made their own better version from PC-DOS to MS-DOS to show to the public. Microsoft was also able to show the public and the media that the machine was made from Gates and not IBM so Gates and Microsoft got recognition for the machine.

Windows 95

One of the greatest accomplishments for Microsoft was the launch of Windows 95. Many systems of the time of Windows 95 ran on Windows 95. Windows 95 led to the Windows 1.0 OS. It had better graphics than the MS-DOS. Windows 95 made two new roles of multitasking and Plug and Play. These roles helped Windows 95 potentially replace MS-DOS. Multitaskng allowed the public to run programs on their computer and as it loaded, they could set up another program that would load after instead of just waiting for the first to load. Plug and Play. Plug and Play allows the user to connect the computer to a power source along with the operating system and being able to run programs without the user having to make changes for the device to run successfully. The device should work perfectly on its own first without adjustments.