Swegway Product Advertisement

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A Swegway:

2 wheel self-balancing electric scooter, a fancy little vehicle that the media has been going crazy about over the last few months. It’s kind of like a cross between a skateboard and a Segway. It is just like a Segway, which is where the idea came from, without the handlebars.

Power Functions/Functions:

The swegway board is powered by batteries, motors and uses slight pressure from your feet to guide it where you want it to go. When you shift your balance, the device responds and moves in that direction. It takes roughly 30 minutes to get used to the board and then you will probably feel comfortable on it to guide yourself. The boards typically come with Samsung batteries which should last for around 15-20km of use, with a full re-charge taking between 2-3 hours.

Safety Features:

The boards have built in safety features which activate when you reach maximum speed. The board will sound an alarm and have an indicator light. Should you exceed the maximum speed, the board will auto-stablise to slow you down.

The Swegway is the best product of 2015!!

Since most people think this product is cool they actually call it a Swagway!